Elements, the Cremation Company

Elements Cremation™ is a full-service cremation company with a distinct difference in the depth of expertise and breadth of services we provide. Personally, we have demonstrated for over two decades our dedication to assisting families and individuals with care and compassion through one of life’s greatest challenges. Professionally, we are focused on providing the highest quality cremation services and hold all the licenses and credentials required to do so.

As experienced experts in event planning and management, we are committed to making sure everyone we serve has total choice and flexibility in how they honor the memory and celebrate the life of their loved one. As counselors and trusted advisors, we offer seamless access to a full range of professional services—including an experienced attorney on staff—or addressing the myriad issues that arise at end of life.

Celebrating Life in All Its Richness

At Elements Cremation, we know that those who choose cremation do so for many different reasons—cultural customs, religious beliefs, economic incentives, and environmental interests. That same diversity of thinking is reflected in the types of memorial services and celebrations of life we help plan and in the range of options we offer for burial, scattering, and preservation of cremains.

Providing Expert Guidance on End-of-Life Issues

Elements Cremation’s on-staff attorney assists families and individuals with the full range of legal services relating to end of life issues, including: wills, trusts, power of attorney for healthcare, power of attorney for property, HIPPA authorization, disposition of remains agent, do-not-resuscitate orders, anatomical gift directives, health care surrogate directives, and the full coordination of all estate matters.

In addition we often advise families to help them resolve any differing views they may have about cremation. We also offer our experience and expertise to help families identify and access other relevant services they may require including long- or short-term care, hospice, and real estate and estate liquidation counsel and services.